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Troll is a CGI feature film which was released in 2018.

For a couple of years I worked on developing this project and was attached to Direct the movie with Kristian Kamp, the project’s creator as Co-Director. In the end, sadly the timing simply didn’t work out and reluctantly I had to let it go. The movie is now being Directed by Kevin Munroe along with Kristian.

During the time I was attached to the project we did a lot of work and had a lot of fun, beginning in Norway and later going to Canada to work with Blue Bug Entertainment in Montreal and Toronto-based writers Suzanne Bolch and John May.

Designing the characters and generally being a force of creativity was Jean-Baptiste Monge (aka JB).
JB is one of the only artists I have worked with who is incredibly skilled using traditional techniques of painting and drawing and seems equally comfortable using 3D tools (Zbrush) in a fluid and creative way. I think the results speak for themselves.

All materials © Copyright Sagatoon Quebec & Global Genesis Group


CGI Animation


Based on creatures from Scandinavian mythology and folklore, the Trolls had to retain the organic, textured feel of their origins as part of nature, yet avoid being monstrous (unless called for!) and work as expressive and relatable animated characters. Jean-Baptiste Monge would sketch options and loose directions very loosely before working in Zbrush to create designs in 3D (see below).


Cédric Schmitt is a talented Art Director & Production Designer who we were lucky to find to oversee the creation of these inspirational environment images and is currently working on the movie.

The environments will change as the project progresses of course, but at the time they were great to help us flesh out and develop the world of the story.


To help secure investment we produced this teaser trailer which I directed along with Kristian Kamp.

Preproduction took place in Montreal while the CGI was produced at Squeeze Studio Animation, a small but great (and rapidly growing) studio in Quebec city.
Squeeze are currently producing the animation for the full movie.