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Developing animated projects often requires a kind of “suspended inspiration” where you need to hold on to the spark/interest that first got you excited about something, while the long process of development, pre-production and then production takes place.

Inherently unique to animation is also that nothing exists until you create it: Everything in the world of the story you want to tell needs to be made from scratch.

For me, the vaguely-termed phase of “development” is one of the most exciting and creative times during any project. It’s also one of the most daunting since you need to experiment, working loosely and freely with the material, even though the decisions taken at this stage are of fundamental importance.

Below is a selection of work from a few projects which I have developed in the past.

Feature Development | Devils

This was an ambitious CGI feature film project called “Djævelens Lærling” which literally translates to “The Devil’s Apprentice”. Based on a Danish book by Kenneth Bøgh Andersen, the story revolves around 15-year-old Philip who is torn from his life as a mild-mannered schoolboy in a case of mistaken identity and taken to Hell to be the dying Lucifer’s successor to the throne…not your typical kids movie!

I worked with Nimbus Film in Copenhagen (Valhalla Rising, Festen, Mifune) on developing this project along with screenwriter Torleif Hoppe (The Killing).

Below are some character studies and designs made by US designer Cameron Davis and some inspirational artwork, made with the support of development funding by the Danish Film Institute.

All materials © Copyright Nimbus Film 2011

Personal Project | Lucien

This is a short film project; a love story between a girl, Sophia and a burning boy. The boy, Lucien is born into a family with a strong strain of spontaneous combustion but in him it’s different: he burns all the time and the fire is a reflection of his emotions.

Below are some of my storyboards from scenes at Lucien’s home, Lucien and Sophia meeting on a frozen lake and also a maquette of Sofia which I sculpted. Also you can watch a short animation test which I created to test a look combining stop motion and CG.

All materials © Copyright Peter Dodd

Lucien | Storyboards & Maquette

Lucien | Animation test

Personal Project | DreamMakers

DreamMakers is a Stop Motion TV series project for 7-9 year olds that I created.

The DreamMakers are characters from around the world associated with bedtime:
Bedbug’s Senior and Junior, Tooth Fairy and the Sleep-Sheep who create dreams in their studio and air them to kids in the real world.
The only problem is that the DreamMakers are all too busy competing and arguing with each other to put on a decent show.

All materials © Copyright Peter Dodd

DreamMakers | Stills