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This project was used to launch Swedish brand Clas Ohlson’s spring campaign 2019 as a kind of short film (rather than a conventional commercial).

We wanted to create a love story between a Flower and a Butterfly in a “real” live action setting with photo-real characters and no dialogue.

Even though this was about the joy of Springtime, we wanted to go for something poetic and even a little bit melancholy for the love story.

It was important that we feel sorry for this Flower, stuck indoors on a beautiful spring day.
To begin with we were thinking that we would need eyes on the flower to be able to express a range of emotions. But as I worked more into it, it seemed a better way to go would be to keep things closer to realism and try to tell the story in the simplest way possible.

The big challenge was how to make it believable that these characters (and especially the Flower) could be “alive” and express emotion, while still fitting into such a realistic world.

This was further made difficult by the fact that we wanted to tell an emotional (as opposed to comedic) story, because it’s very easy to make a living flower look unintentionally funny…!

If the animation was too stylised, it wouldn’t fit into the world, but if it was too “realistic” and restrained, then it wouldn’t be able to convey the subtle emotions that we needed to tell the story, so I worked very hard to find the right balance here.

Watch the full version (2 mins) below.

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Live Action CG hybrid


Pete Dodd

Flow and Wing